Internet on a remote Island

Internet on a remote island = satellite (thats it - no other options)

What we have right now. CiiA. Christmas Island Internet Association. A non profit association providing Internet to the island. Currently providing data via an expensive satellite service that has the ability to out perform all geostationary satellite services. CiiA has modelled diferent options and can not compete against subsidised services. CiiA encourage small home users to purchace NBN and will market premium plans that NBNco cannot provide.

What is happening now. NBN Skymuster services. Geostationary Goverment provided service with non government service providers. If you are looking at ordering, do it sooner, not later. Installs in rural Australia are way behind and Island installs haven't even started. Choose a provider and stay out of lock in contracts. You do not get billed until you have a service provisioned.