NBN Satellite FAQ

As people would know, The NBN Satellite service roll out has started on Christmas Island. A dozen or so installs have been done, so now we know a lot more.

Time for updated Questions and Answers;

Q - So, how does it perform?
A - Quite well, youtube streams just fine and it works, rain performance needs some more rainy days to comment, however last monday with heavy rain both CiiA and NBN cut out - NBN for longer.

Q - I placed an order last week/month and have heard nothing, I rang NBN and they have no record of my order.
A - This is my most asked question this month - NBNco can not seem to be able to confirm your order in there system AT ALL, until they have allocated an install date. You will need to contact the Internet provider that you placed your order with, and ask them to confirm that your order is in the system "awaiting install" If you are with Activ8me, I can find out on your behalf.

Q - I was told my install was 2 weeks ago, and I have heard nothing.
A - NBNco sent out install dates to customers, before the installer was even on the Island. Needless to say the installer (Contractor) is doing their best. Currently you will be contacted in the week leading up to the install - by the installers themselves.

Q - I haven't ordered yet, when will I get connected?
A - Much as I don't like being the bearer of bad news, there are hundreds of installs and they go at 2 or so a day... (Maths question for you)

Q - I made an expression of interest back in July, does this get a dish installed?
A - NO, However the expression of interest did make sure a reasonable amount of dishes have been allocated and shipped to the island.

Q - How can I get a Dish installed.
A - Place an order with a RSP (list at The RSP places an order with NBNco and NBNco then provide a work order to the installer.

Q - Can I use my old router?
A - If it is the UBNT AirGateway, NO, this unit is designed to supply power (POE) on its Internet port. There is a chance it may damage the NBN equipment (costly, and your internet will not work until replaced).

Q - What router do I need?
A - A huge range will work, If you are an Activ8me customer, they have a large supply in stock on the island, and will just bill you $99

Q - I ordered a router when I ordered the service, where is it?
A - If you are with Activ8me, let me know and I will arrange to get it to you, if you are with another provider, You can contact them, or post up your need, there are routers available on island.

Q - Can I use my new router with CiiA?
A - Yes, providing it is set up on the CiiA portal (device page) - Some knowledge is required. Technically once this is done, changing from CiiA to NBN will just be a matter of swapping a cable.

Q - I have an Asbestos roof.
A - Installers will not install on an asbestos roof - other options may include a pole mount. (poles are being shipped - put an order in to make sure they are allocated)

Q - I live in high a high density dwelling, what are my options?
A - Unfortunately it is one Dish per customer - I have sent photos and asked, but its non negotiable. For the record the hardware has 4 usable ports AND they can be configured for separate customers.

Q - What do else may stop the install?
A - Power! The indoor unit needs a power point, NOT an extension lead or power board.
A2 - Note for older dwellings - NO RCD (safety switch) NO INSTALL - talk to the local sparkies now.

Q - What about CiiA, aren't they turning some things off?
A - CiiA have no intention currently to turn off, but everything is based on the financial viability
Q - I haven't ordered because I want to support CiiA.
A - CiiA's advice, given the future uncertainty, is to order a service.

Q - How to order?
A - CI computers is an authorised reseller for Activ8me, and based on Island. Application Forms are on the top left link.